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Tarot: Modern Perspectives on Ceremonial Magick Roots

  • Artes and Craft Hartford, MI (map)

We will do a deep dive into the symbology of the tarot beginning with its origins as enhanced by the Golden Dawn. Each card in a current deck has a meaning that goes beyond the interpretations in the guide books. We will look at all aspects of esotericism that were incorporated into the symbology including Ceremonial, Astrology, Numerology, Elemental, Kabbalah, and the Goetia as well as some artists and creators influences and nuances. Using this framework, we discover what is behind that image in the true holistic meaning of the Chariot card, for example. Come and discover that there is much more than meets the eye in each card of the modern day tarot.

Paul is the co-owner of Artes and Craft in Hartford, MI. A 4th degree member of the OTO, he currently received a charter for a new camp, Serpent Flame located in Hartford. He is also high priest of MoonFire Coven and an initiate of BTW. Paul enjoys learning and drawing parallels between esoteric practices. He considers himself a Ceremonial Magician that has embraced other magickal paths wholeheartedly.

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