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Feast of the Stars--Cross Quarter Day Celebration

  • Artes and Craft Hartford, MI (map)

Join Serpent Flame as we celebrate the Feast of the Stars, one of Thelema's cross quarter day celebrations. It is observed in the middle of the time of Aquarius, which runs from Jan. 23 to Feb. 22. It is meant to be a Thelemic correspondence to Imbolc or Candlemas.

In this rite, we will use music, poetry, esoteric philosophy and science to explore the hopeful energies representative of the Star from the Tarot. We have added our own flavor to this rite to make it an enjoyable, dramatic, and magickal experience.

We held the Thelemic, Feast of the Dragon, which corresponds to Samhain in mid-November 2017. If you enjoyed that one, you will love this one!

Later Event: February 10
Gnostic Mass (Private)